Monday, November 21, 2011

Free at last

So a few weeks ago I started this project, and sometimes,when starting new things I get a bit compulsive about them, and want to work on them night and day till they are finished. However, this time around, I had big barricades such as "no sewing machine" or "not enough fabric" that kept breaking my groove.

My dear sister let me borrow her sewing machine, so once I got rolling- there was no stopping me.

I got all 80 squares cut, sandwiched, then pinned in only a couple of days. Then my squares sat for a couple weeks.

Once the sewing machine made its appearance, and the bobbin and I made an agreement to not have any trouble, I began sewing X's onto the sandwiches and finished all 80 in only a couple of hours. Yay.

Then, the trouble. How to sew over those corners, with 12 layers of fabric.... well, you try- then you break 4 needles and ask for help. I was told to us a "denim needle" and this thing stormed through those corners like a jack-hammer. It was great. I got the whole thing compiled and sewn in another 2 days. Then tried to get a flattering picture of it. It was hard. But the thing is a good sized quilt, Jack loves it, Josh loves it, Lucy loves it.... it has already become a treasure. I'm sure glad I was brave enough to do it...
I'm also glad it's over. Because now my mind isn't shackled to this project.


Liz said...

It's beautiful! I haven't tried one of those yet, but you are making me want to... no painting, pictures on the walls, Christmas, and who knows what else must come first. Love the denim needle! I have used mine many a times and it makes for one happy girl!

Laura Lee said...

I love it. I want one. I want to make one. Maybe in a couple months. You can help me :)

Kell's Belles said...

It's even more gorgeous in real life. I'm so impressed. Are you taking orders? Because I'd love about five of those :)

Liz said...

Where did my comment go? I left it like a day after you posted this! If I can remember I said something about how I love my denim needle, and it has saved me many a times. I haven't tried one of these quilts yet, but maybe as soon as I get my act together (or my house) and find me a fabric store.
Post pics of San Diego please!

Lisa Marie Trent said...

Sorry- It's been a while since I've published my comments!! I'll get San D up soon..