Monday, October 3, 2011

What's up?

If anyone is wondering what the latest is over here?
Nothin' but attitude from this one.

All those experienced parents out there that tell me "You need to stop that early"- I am all ears. Give me all that valuable advice that prevents children from becoming smart-mouths in the later years.

Here's what I'm looking at.

"Jack, you need to watch your mouth."
"YOU need to watch your mouth, Mom!"

"Jack, please start picking your toys up, I've asked 6 times."
"MOOOOOOM! Just be quiet!"

"I'm turning the Wii off Jack, if you keep getting upset."
"If you turn that off, I'm going to poke you in the eye."
(..personal fave.)

All I'm asking for is the instant reaction I should give, because what it SEEMS like, is I'll give him the instant reaction- and he gives it right back. Poor Jack, being the third person in the home, feels like he too, is an adult- and he too, is a parent. He's only mimicking what he sees around him. So it's tricky.

Again, I'm all ears.


The Simmons Family said...

I wish I had some.. Owen has some crazy talk lately too.

"Shut your mouth up!" -- only says this to kids. Awesome friend making skills.

"Stop your talking woman!" -- Directed at me usually.

"If you feed me (in the tube), I will kick you in the face!"

Owen's therapists always say to tell him "Owen.. that's not nice.. those words are hurtful."

That's not working out too well.

I like to either ignore him, try not to laugh, and then continue on with what I was doing. I have my tricks. I can always threaten to throw the "Paci" away.. that is a good one! Or.. I'm going to clip your toenails.. he hates that and says "I sorry mama.. please don't groom me!"

Good Luck. He could be a girl. Sass times 100!

Lisa Marie Trent said...

True...Andrea. I've heard bad things about those girls. The best- is when it happens in front of my dad, and I discipline Jack, and my dad says "He's had his chest opened THREE times. Cut him some slack."

Guilt. Grrrr.

Cameron's Corner said...

My wife has expressed similar frustrations. If I'm home and I hear it, I usually intervene and have a serious, brief, slightly aggressive discussion about respect for parents, followed up by another brief lecture about respecting women in general.

Then I flick them in the forehead.

It hurts more than you think.

Summer also knows as the krazy cake lady said...

It is a fine balance but these kids ARE NORMAL AND ARE PERFECTLY CAPABLE OF ACTING JUST LIKE NORMAL KIDS. As far as advice I have very little, but treat him the way you would have always treated him. My kids are strict with tons of fun and craziness, I love the balance. As long as they help and do chores and homework and are nice to others then they can have lots of fun? Also remember it will all pass some days kids are the greatest and some days they are lil stinkers and that's why we love them!