Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh THAT'S Why...

Have you ever been invited into someone's home in the middle of the day to find their table beautifully set, flatware, place settings, et al? I have. And each time I would say to myself "why in the world do they have their table set. Ready. In the midst of all the things happening around the table, why are these breakable dishes chillin on the table."

Yesterday I went to IKEA. I really do love it there, I have always loved furniture stores. Walking around in those mock-up living and dining rooms makes me feel so excited that change is possible and I won't be looking at the same rooms all day, every day, if I just put a little creativity into them. Once I made it downstairs with my gift card, it occurred to me that I have had the same dinner plates since I was married. They are the ones we registered for. And since then, dished have broke, and we don't even have a complete set for four people. Now was the time to get new dishes. I perused carefully, keeping in mind that my manly husband would be eating off these plates, along with my manly four year old. I decided on some lovely ones that were an off-shade of purple, or magenta, thinking it was something new that would look great on my table.

I put them in the 59 cent bag I was forced to by in order to get them all to my car, and took them home. I washed each dinner plate, salad plate, and bowl. I moved all my old plates to the top shelf, for when we "really needed extra plates", then I washed the shelf of the cupboard and grabbed the new stack of plates to set them in their new home.

They stuck 3 inches out of my cupboard. Not only will the door not close, but they could very well fall and break all over the floor by the slightest bump. "How in the world!?" I thought to myself. Then I realized that the plates I currently have were even pushing the limit and the fact became quite clear that I have extremely shallow cupboards. My kitchen itself is narrow, and I know that the designer thought that the kitchen would seem much more open if they installed the smallest cupboards known to man, and could most likely sell the house.

And now, my table is set, and will be, until I find somewhere to put these seemingly gigantic, new dinner plates. I imagine that could possibly be why people have their table set all hours of the day.

Or so I hope.


Laura Lee said...

Pretty plates.

I have a suggestion. Get one of those wooden plate racks and stick it in your cupboard. Depending on how tall your cupboards are they may work. You'll have to place it so the plate faces you though.

Option 2: buy one of those $69 free standing IKEA shelves(like the one you have downstairs, or the single one I have standing vertically in my bedroom and use it as a buffet. You can buy doors for them.

little moma (Summ) said...

I have the same problem and they go in my spining cupboard (you know the one for large bowls and such?) Ya that can be quite dissapointing, but they look great!

Paul and Deborah Speed said...

See, now I'm the crazy person that actually likes to see tables set for no reason. I think it's pretty.

Lindz said...

That is funny, just because when we bought our first house, I was so excited to get my kitchen put together, and I had the same experience. I think I almost cried when I realized my plates didn't fit in my cupboards!