Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Here's, me standing in front of my photo in the Rio Gallery.

..And Jack, being a pirate.

I didn't win. But had no expectations of doing so- it really was just an honor to have it be chosen out of the 300+ that were submitted. For those of you wanting a better view, the picture is displayed on the homepage of this website: www.lmtphotography.weebly.com

So, yay for that recognition. On to the next!

1 comment:

Kyle and Alli said...

Way to go! The photo is awesome. I would love to pick your brain and learn some tricks of the trade now that I have some time to practice!

When I first saw Jack, I thought how cute he looked trying to wink. Now that you mention the pirate, I had to giggle. He really has it down!