Sunday, March 8, 2009

Packin' the fun times..

(Preface: Jack's Dr. told us they would be calling monday for the echo date, and the surgery date. So please stay tuned for those announcements.)

About two weeks ago, Jack and I visited Griffith Park a couple of times. It is a very large park, like Liberty Park, that has lots of places to do fun things. (Only much bigger.)

Jack and I went to the Train Museum, where he almost jumped out the window of a train. The train cars are old, and non-functioning, and people can wander about them with little to no restriction of where they can go. So Jack had a super time, and finished it off with a train ride around the museum.

Then, on another day we visited the LA Zoo. It is a very nice Zoo, but kind of confusing and hard to navigate. So we just followed the signs with animals and arrows, and we did end up seeing some fun things. It was raining a little, but still a nice day. (To see the animals MUCH BETTER, click on them, and you'll get up close and personal.)

(Jack took this himself)

(Kind of a rough day for the gorilla..)


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chris purkey said...


-jack almost jumping out of the window.
-jack on the platform.

oh, and the fact that he can snap a good photo of mom without dropping the camera. that's good too.