Wednesday, September 17, 2008


I can't load my pic's from my camera to my computer, so my postings are few. But here's something..

Jack got a new fish. This is Petey.

Jack' new pet. Petey is a wonderful pet, he acts like a dog when you get his food out, he does a good job of being quiet, and despite my dropping him on the floor while cleaning his bowl, he has held up quite well as a fish.

I highly recommend fish as a first pet.


HollyRenee said...

So I did get a fish. His names Jet. And I just happened to accidentally pour him onto the ground today while cleansing his abode. He didn't mind though.

Theresa Rodriguez said...

jacks face almost completely in the bowl is simply priceless. He is so cute. I love the idea of having a fish as a first pet. My problem is i want a really big fish like a shark or something. I wonder if my mom would care if i kept it in her pool.

Kate Stuart said...

Pretty Bird. Oh wait! Pretty Fish. :D