Saturday, August 2, 2008

Sweetest Boy.

Putting Jack to bed has recently proven tricky. He will usually throw a crying fit in his bed or wander out of his room...
My newest approach, though misleading, has worked lately. I will read stories, say prayers, tuck him in, turn on "snoopy" (the Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack he listens to every night..) and then say to him "Ok, I'll be right back!" and he says "Ok" and patiently waits my return.. falling asleep while doing so.

See, he wants me to sleep there next to him. Which not only to I NOT want to do because he needs to learn to get to sleep alone, but because it's very uncomfortable, and I like to use "Jack sleep" time as "Special Lisa" time.

So I'll tell him I will be back and I leave the door open so he can hear me around the house, then he eventually falls asleep waiting. I KNOW it's mean. BUT- he's learning that it is part of the ritual and he stays in bed and finds ways to get to sleep on his own.
FOR EXAMPLE. Tonight, as I type here and Jack is "waiting" for me in the next room, I hear him start to sing.
It is a lovely combination of "Old McDonald" and "The Wheels On the Bus" using the melody from "Wheels" and the characters from the farm, as follows:

The duck on the bus goes quack, quack, quack,
quack, quack, quack,
quack, quack, quack.
The duck on the bus goes quack, quack, quack,
All through the town.

The puppy on the bus goes arf, arf, arf,
arf, arf, arf
arf, arf, arf.
The puppy on the bus goes arf, arf, arf,
All through the town.

And so he sings himself to sleep.



Cameron's Corner said...

I don't think that's mean. I did something similar with my son, Tyton. I'd put a clock radio in there and turn on the sleep timer for 2 minutes. I'd tell him to yell for me when the music went off and I'd come check on him.

When I came in 2 minutes later, I'd reset the timer for 5 minutes. If he was still awake after that, I'd set it for 15. Occasionally I had to just turn it on permanently, but not too often.

Laura Lee said...

I think that's clever. He's learning to wait patiently.

Although I remember when Mom would tuck us in. One night, I was probably about nine years old, and waited and waited and waited in my room with the light on for her to come tuck me in and I had to go downstairs in the basement and find her practicing the piano and tell her that she never tucked me in. She couldn't believe I wasn't asleep yet.

Man, I was needy.

Kelly Durham said...

I'm pretty sure EVERY parent pulls the old "I'll be right back!" line at one time or another. I know I have!

I laughed out loud at the "Jack sleep time" as "Special Lisa" time!

Djinni said...

We all have tricks that seem cruel to them, although they are for their own good. Don't feel bad, it sounds like it is working. I know it's hard getting them to sleep in their own room especially alone. My girls who are now 7 and 10 still tell me they wish they could sleep in my room with me. I let them take naps in my room occasionally with me on a long day.
Unfortuantely I can't move Isaac out of my room til I can afford to finish my basement or move to a new home (cause I don't want him so far away, and my girls are too scared of my basement). Anyway, welcome to Healing Hearts, I am not sure if I welcomed you yet. Heart Hugs, Djinni (5yr old Isaac's Mom)

Ilene said...

I love these parental victories.

If it didn't mean they would wake me up at some horrible early hour, my kids would be in bed at 7pm.

I cherish Special Ilene Time.

What does it mean when your favorite time of the day is when your kids are asleep?