Monday, November 12, 2007

Gene's, Heredities and Such

So it's understood that people think we are "pretty" but it is important to know where we came from. In a search for specific photo's, I was lucky enough to come across HUNDREDS of little gems. Firstly, my Grandma Bonnie.
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I can only hope that when I turn gray I can do it gracefully, and still look as gorgeous as she did. She always had the same smile that really defines her. Really it's hard to find many pictures of her because she is usually the one taking them.

Then there is my mom-
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I could post a picture of what I looked like when I was 14, but I will spare you all, and you can just use your imaginations. But this is simply described as ADORABLE. I truly am jealous of how cute she was in 1966 and wish I could achieve the same look with a bandanna.

Now there are other pieces that put us together, and sometimes we wonder how it all worked out. But I do know where we all got our sexy legs.
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Now the explainiation for why Tom is wearing a really snazzy blazer over his super nice button-up without slacks, is simple. It was July, and very hot in Payson. Knowing full well that he was going to be posing for a picture that was going to be taken from the waist up, he kept himself cool by wearing his very fashionable shorts, and knew full well that no one would know the difference.

Thus- Carter, Laura and I, were created by only the cutest of folk.


laura said...

If you look at Mom's face in that picture she looks pretty much the same today.

The picture of dad without pants begs the question as to what shoes and socks he's wearing.

Kev N' Kate said...

I'm thinking his shoes are white sneakers with a little bit of bounce, and that his socks (also white) come to about midcalf. :) Who knows? All I know is that the picture is fantastic. Good post Lis.

Haley said... come I am not in your "friends" anymore...what gives?

Ilene said...

Oh, and I thought you guys got your mom's legs!

You do have great genes. Love the picture of your mom. Nothing like good-looking parents to make life easier. Way to pass those genes on to the next generation.

Anonymous said...

pretty girls like you stay pretty forever.

We'll Call her "Lisa" said...