Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Birthday to Laura..

It is my sister's birthday today. Many would guess my younger sister, because she is aging much more gracefully than I. But no, she is the older, wiser one. It took some time for Laura to officially be comfortable with her birthday being December 30th. It always falls right after Christmas, just before New Year's, a very tough spot. But bless her heart she has embraced it and had many wonderful birthday's. To help make this December 30th better, I am going to point out my top 5 favorite things about having a sister. More specifically, having LAURA as a sister.
1. She can ALWAYS make me laugh.
2. I could go anywhere in the world with her and have a good time.
3. She makes me feel like I'm a good person, even though- she is better in LOTS of ways.
4. She likes cats as much as I do- maybe even more.
5. I can count on her, she is reliable and loving. (Is that a sneaky way of doing more than 5? Yes.)

Happy Birthday, Lar. I love you, and I think you are wonderful. I hope you have a great birthday- even the selfless part when you take us all to dinner..

Love, Lisa.


Carter said...

I know, right? Laura's taking us all out to dinner on her birthday. I hope I can enjoy the food as I choke down some guilt with every forkful.

Laura is a great sister and a great person. Every facet of her personality and character is a huge positive.

Laura Lee said...

Thank you siblings! What a nice thing to read on my birthday.

The truth is there isn't anyone I'd rather spend my birthday with than my family which happens to consist of my favorite people in the world so I'm glad it worked out that way. See you soon!