Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hello, Baby Kai.

I had the opportunity to be there when a good friend of mine had her baby boy, Kai. On 02/20/10 little Kai Remmeck Wilson was born through a smooth, graceful birth. Holly was a beautiful momma and her baby is absolutely adorable. Being able to capture these moments with my camera is really what photography is all about for me. I love being able to freeze these wonderful feelings in time. Here are my favorite shots.

Thank you Holly, for letting me a part of this. And welcome to the outside, baby Kai.


Liz said...

K- so while we can't fly you out here to take pictures when our guy comes, I do want you to take some when we come in July. He will only be a few weeks old, so we can still get those new born shots! Ooo can't wait!

Laura Lee said...

Awesome. I find it refreshing that Holly would let you take pictures of her in the delivery room. Most mothers would not allow a camera near them!

the lockes said...

Wow- good job Holly smiling through some of labor. Lis, she will love these pictures forever