Sunday, January 3, 2010

Pluggity Plug


I am searching out other author's to contribute to my What's For Dinner blog, and in an effort to spread the word, I've made the button. Since I've passed the button around, (through Google Analytics) I've seen the percentage of hits go up drastically on "referring sites" rather than direct traffic. So I'm not asking any of you to be author's, though I WOULD LOVE IT... but if you feel like helping me out, put this button on your blog, and we'll see what happens...

Thank you,



Kyle and Alli said...

Ok ok, you talked me into it. No promises on how often I will post, but I will be a contributing author on your recipe blog. Too bad I am not original and always copy other people in my recipes!

Kelly D. said...


I also put the Dinner blog in my blog feed :) It all looks so yummy! Good job!

The Simmons Family said...

Okay... I'll jump on the "What's for Dinner" bandwagon. Sounds like fun!!! My husband thinks I'm crazy for always taking pictures while I cook so that I can blog about it!!