Wednesday, December 30, 2009


This is my sister.

It is her birthday.

These are my Top Ten favorite things about Laura.

1. Every time I see her she has a funny story. Whether it's related to me or not, she has one.

2. She is good for a lot of information. She's like my own personal Dex, she knows of good places to eat, new places to visit and can usually give me directions to somewhere if I call her up in need of some.

3. She is always polite, even when completely shutting you down, or saying no to something, she can always do it in a pleasant, non-threatening way.

4. Her talents never go un-practiced. If someone needs her to play the piano, sing, or cook dinner, she'll do it. Bringing me to number five:

5. She is a magnanimous sister, always helping me with Jack, or her other nieces...(there is no gender neutral word for nieces and nephews).. She is always helping with her nieces and nephews.

6. We have many inside jokes. I love inside jokes.

7. She has made nothing but good choices in her life, making her a very inspirational person.

8. She would be the best person to bake her birthday cake.

9. She always laughs BEFORE she tells you something funny.

10. She makes a super best friend/sister. If I had another sister, I don't know if she could live up to it..

Happy Birthday, Lar.

I lit you a Birthday Candle.


Laura Lee said...

Thanks Lis!

I may snag that photo for my next FB profile pic.

I may snag those 10 things as my next 10 status updates while I'm at it :)


carter said...

"Lisa from UT, United States" Good one.

leandparkermakes3 said...

Happy Birthday Laura from Aunt Suzi....boy Lisa really, really thinks the world of her sister/friend. What a beautiful tribute to someone who deserves it. I will also light a birthday candle for you. Happy, Happy Birthday

Becky said...

This makes me proud of both you and reminds me how much I love you as daughters and as friends.