Sunday, September 27, 2009

New Idea..

KIND of, I want to start Casino night. A night at the Trent's with munchy food, lots of poker chips, and gambling. During our Girly trip to Vegas, I lost about $20 to Wheel of Fortune. It was well worth it. I love spinning that wheel. There's nothing like it. However, my usual game of choice is Blackjack. I was raised on Blackjack. My dad would hand out pennies to my siblings and I and he'd play pit boss. If you didn't get your anti out in time you'd sit out that round. Or, if you touched your anit while cards were on the table, your hand usually got slapped. It was serious business.

One year, my sister got the "sickness" as my dad put it. She couldn't stop herself. She ran out of pennies and ended up in her wallet. She lost so much, and by the end of the game had so much collateral on the table that she went all in, and my dad ended up buying her a new pair of shoes the next day. I love blackjack.

But I'd really like to learn Roulette. I watched a good friend of mine play the table and I fell inlove a little bit. It's very exciting. I even asked the dealer if I could throw the ball. He wouldn't let me. Then again, that was AFTER I took this picture of the table and got in trouble in the first place.

Anyone up for Casino night...let me know. We'll get it goin'.


Laura Lee said...

I'm in. I'm all in. I'll get my wallet ready.

carter said...

I'll do Texas Hold 'em. But for candy or something. I mean come on..

Andy's Mommy said...

My dad is a magician and one of his magician friends owns a casino party company. They go to work parties and stuff like that. They have all the real props- very fun. My husband is always the dealer for roulette and I am always a dealer for blackjack (because I suck at everything else.) Casino nights are just an all around fun idea! All you need is a deck of cards and the people!