Thursday, September 17, 2009

For Posterity.

Truly, this is more fun for me than anyone else. I was organizing Jack's photos and videos, and as I watch them, it is quite interesting to see how gradually, Jack has become who he is. He has ALWAYS laughed alot, been smiley, talkative, and adorable. But these videos, (my select favorites) show how far Jack has come in just a few years. This is a lot of videos, I realize that. But each of them is under a minute. Plus they are heart-melting.

(Jack, 4 days old)

(Jack, 1 month old)

(Jack, 4 months old)

(Jack, 6 months old)

(Jack, 9 months old)

(Jack, 11 months old)

(Jack, 18 months old)

(Jack, 20 months old)

Jack, 22 months old)

I just love him.

(Right now he's in his room sobbing because he got time-out for hitting me. It's nice to return to the past for a minute....)


The Simmons Family said...

The videos are fantastic!! It's great to see Jack's earlier years. I love the 20 month video.. I just made one of Owen the other day and did the same thing. Half way through I found myself asking "what else can you say?" just like you did. I'll post it later tonight.

Thanks for sharing!

Kelly D. said...

Oh, such a sweet boy! And it's so true, you can see his personality right from the start. In the 1 month video, you can hear his voice! It still sounds the same! And those crazy feet in the 4 month--they still don't stop moving. These are great. Thanks for sharing! (The girls loved watching these, too.)

l.nelson said...

how great that you have these! he seems like the sweetest boy with such a fun personality.

are you still moving to california???

Lindz said...

Ashley says "Oh Jacky!

Tasha said...

Cali and Sawyer have watched the video of jack saying all the words he knew at the time. Sawyer liked to repeat everything, Cali kept trying to get Jack to talk to her. So much fun..need to get the cousins together soon.

Aimee Hardy said...

So, so cute. He is hilarious.

Kyle and Alli said...

This melts my heart! It is so amazing to see that even as a newborn, he has so many of the facial features that make it easy to recognize him even now....and that little voice and grin! They are just so precious and too funny! What a little character you have! Please record him shouting "Ta-Da!" for me... Kyle and I miss hearing that!

Wright Family said...

What a cutie pie!

Laura Lee said...

I could watch that last one over and over again -- it never stops being funny.

Andy's Mommy said...

Hey... It's just me, your own personal blog stalker. I gotta say that those videos brought tears to me eyes. What an amazing little guy you have on your hands. When does he get his disneyland wish?