Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Promo, promo, promo


So, here I am, plugging a website. Why? What do I get out of it? Well, I took the shots for the website, so I get my own publicity. I've plugged this before, but that was when I modeled for it. You won't find those pictures there anymore folks, I replaced them with better looking people.

So anyway, this site isn't just snowboardning gear, it has some cute clothes, and most of the summer ones are on sale for obscene prices. But really, if you are looking for a cool jacket, a nice durable hoodie, or just something new, check it out. It would make me, and Natalie (for those of you who are friends with Nat) very happy.

Oh, and if you ARE looking for a snowboarding jacket, these are pretty awesome too. The product is Nikita brand, and it is pretty super swank.

So every week, I'll be posting my personal favorites on my blog. So watch out for those suckers.



Paul and Deborah Speed said...

Is this Nat's store? The photos are great, by the way.

the dudette said...

Yes, get into it everybody. And thanks for the shameless shameless plugging Lis. Your pics make the site sparkle.

Lisa Marie Trent said...

Thank you deb. And it is natalie's "inheritance"...let's just say. If Nat and I do well with this trial run, I think we'll buy next seasons inventory and adopt it as our own.