Thursday, August 7, 2008

ALWAYS Go Behind the Curtain.

After reading my sisters post I can't help but tell MY story about the event that took place last weekend at "Layers".
On Friday I chatted with Laura at her work and she mentioned the "big sale" that Layers was having on Saturday and how I should wake up at 8 in the morning to go with her. As you will read in her entry, bringing my child was out of the question and I wasn't sure I could get out of the house without him that early. So I decided it was worth an extra 5-10 dollars for me to go pay full-price for the ONE shirt I wanted at Layers, and hit the place on the way home.

I had never been there before, and from what I heard it was a tiny, warehouse-like show room for their clothing. I walked in with Jack and let him loose, since, it was such a small area. I found the exact shirt I wanted, and it happened to be on sale ANYWAY so I thought I was pretty lucky...

Then- I noticed a sale rack towards the back of the room and behind THAT, was a mysterious black curtain. It was waving in the breeze that the industrial sized fan was creating and I behind it I saw bin, after bin, with markings that said $5 all over them. I thought, HEY that looks like a good deal. So I grabbed Jack and barged through the curtain into a room 50 times the size of the show room, with endless rows of sale bins.

There were perhaps 6 other women perusing these intriguing bins so I joined in. There was SO much stuff. Ridculous amounts, at ridiculous prices. So I decided that for the $15 I was going to originally spend, I'd spend the same but get THREE shirts instead.

"FABULOUS!" I thought. I looked around the large, vacant room for where to pay, and I saw a young girl filing her nails at a table. So I walked across (click, click, click- in the big echoey room) and began my transaction. I asked her "Are these for the sale tomorrow? Or did you just start the sale early?"

She kindly replied, "Well these are for tomorrow but you guys got to come today for 'friends and family' and get first picks."

"...Right." I said. And quickly handed over my cash, and exited the building.

We are all friends at Layers.


Laura Lee said...

You suck.

Kelly Durham said...

Mental note: if I am ever tempted to visit the Layers sale, go the day BEFORE and pretend to be a friend or family member. Between your two blogs, that lesson has been driven home. Thanks, guys!

kimberlee shaffer said...

yes I am showing. . .a lot! Everyone tells me now after the fact that you show faster with the second. )= I have been able to tell a difference since week 3!

Ilene said...

Laura is way too polite and rule-oriented to go behind the black curtain.

I'm the same way.

I see that you are the better shopping partner. Let me know when the sale comes up next year.

Cameron's Corner said...

I never could have done that. One time I wandered into a break room at Costco while trying to take my kid to the bathroom. Innocent mistake, but I felt like a jackass.