Wednesday, March 5, 2008

To Skimp, or Not to Skimp..

So these helpful little tags that people have been sending around inspired me to do the SKIMPING tag. So if you agree or disagree with any of these, please feel free to counteract my Skimps or No Skimps.

NO SKIMP- Face Lotion. Seriously, you may as well put water on your skin if you don't buy the nice stuff. And if you don't want to buy the nice stuff, use baby oil and salt as a scrub. It's good for anti-aging.

SKIMP- Cotton Rounds and Q-Tips. Honestly cotton is cotton, it's not like the cheap stuff is gonna have chunks of hay in it or's still good.

NO SKIMP- Juice. Orange particularly, but really any juice.

SKIMP- Dishes. I believe this because I get sick of my dishes really fast..and want new ones. So as long as I don't pay too much for them in the first place, it's ok. Plus Jack throws them all on the floor anyway.

NO SKIMP- Bra's. I must go with Brit on this one, a nice bra goes a LONG way. And my bra tips are as follows: Make sure it fits best at the loosest setting, because it will eventually stretch and you can tighten as it does. And never put it in the dryer. There are lost of reasons why but just take my word for it.

SKIMP- Nail Polish. I honestly think that the cheaper nail polish looks better.

NO SKIMP- Tires. As my dad says "Your life is riding on those tires."

SKIMP- Clothes. I am a true believer that expenisive clothing is fun to buy, and for the most part very durable. But if you DO buy designer stuff every now and again, it's important to balance it out by buying awesome cheap stuff at Target. That way you aren't a pompous label wearer. :)

NO SKIMP- Haircuts. Now really- I've had to learn this the hard way. But do NOT go to Great Clips for even just a TRIM because they will destroy your hair.

SKIMP- Paper Towels, now unless you are honestly scrubbing your carpet with paper towels like they do on the commercial, you will be just fine wiping up your spills with cheap paper towels.

NO SKIMP- Toilet Paper. Your delicate self needs the best and Charmin is truly what your bum deserves. Plus if you cheap toilet paper is transparently thin, you end up using more of it twice as fast anyway and have to buy more.

Okay, so that is my list. I'm sure I have more, but this computer could crash at any moment and lose this post forever. OH-

NO SKIMP- Computers.


J n' J said...

oh, bummer. You didn't tag me. Good thing. I skimp on way too much it's embarassing. I have been skimping on a good bra for years. It's time. But one thing I never skimp on anymore is Mac N' Cheese. I had a nasty box of Western Family (that .20 a box was too tempting), and it will never happen again.

Brittany said...

Good post! I totally agree! Except for one thing...the cotton ball/Q-tip skimp. I hate when I am using one, and it starts to shread at the slightest touch. I often use Q-tips for a quick touch up when my mascara has smeared, etc. If it gets all stringy and hairy, it just doesn't do the job. We should all do many, many posts like this and share all of our endless wisdom...

Laura Lee said...

I'm also a no-skimp on the Q-tips. I've purchased the cheap ones and they just don't do the job as well.

skimp -- eggs. The cheap ones work just fine.

no skimp -- pens. I hate cheap ball points and they don't last very long.

Ilene said...

GREAT list.

Juice- very important. OJ has to be fresh, not from concentrate. I married a juice snob.

Don't completely skimp on disposable napkins. I am usually a cheap Mardi Gras napkin girl but I tried out the Wal Mart brand this last round and HATE them. They are all stuck together and totally not worth the 50 cent savings.

I'm with you on toilet paper. My preference is for Cottenelle with ridges because the lines match my towels. I grew up with the cheap stuff and remember relishing in the good stuff at friends' houses...

Like you care about my thoughts that much on your list but there you go.

Oh, please do a road trip to Boise. It is a happening place, well, it will be once I get there in all my glory.

Anonymous said...

Haha. Good list.


Tasha said...

I Agree with a lot of your list except for Q-tips. Theother ones hurt your ear or are too bendy and not enough padding...maybe I have sensitive ears. Also NO Skimp on cereal, it does not taste anything like name brand.Fun List!

We'll Call her "Lisa" said...

I guess I don't use my Q-tips and cotton rounds as agressively as the rest of you...

kimberlee shaffer said...

I agree 100% with this post. my answers would be the same. good post!