Wednesday, February 6, 2008


Though I have a LARGE opposition against "playlands", they seem to be the purpose for Jack's getting up in the morning. He didn't want to eat nuggets, or fries, or soda or even ice cream- he just wanted to play in the nasty, germ filled, steamy tubes that head to nowhere.
Chloe and Piper were also incentives.

Of course, Jack seems LESS healthy today, but has wonderful memories to last a weektime.


Ilene said...

Totally disgusting, I agree. But that doesn't stop me from going every Friday to meet up with friends and let the kids spread germs everywhere. I need the girl time and so far no serious disease or illness has stricken our house.

Theresa Rodriguez said...

I am in agreement also to the disgustingness of playlands. So nasty. It amazing how much kids love them though! I remember diving head first into the balls growing up with not a care in the world. Now i think about it and i get a little nautious. youre a good sport!

Liz said...

Heck, at 37 weeks pregnant, I'll take the kids anywhere if I can get one of those ice cream cones! Say hi to Kelly and the kids for me. Oh, and Carter too.

J n' J said...

Yesterday during the night time prayer, Raavyn blessed that "Old Mcdonalds" wouldn't have germs anymore so we could go play.