Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I don't do this often- but Britt, this was a good one. (useful)

Inspired by a post (thanks Brittany), here are ten of my favorite products (in no particular order)

Best Chapstick- Natural Ice, Cherry

Best Deodorant- ArridX the "Fresh Scent" (reminds me of summer. year round)

Best Mascara- Everyone loves the green and pink kind. But the VOLUME XXL where you put the white on then the black. That's super good.

Best Pressed powder- Um, I don't use powder, unless it's like the Bare Minerals stuff..

Best Water-I kinda like VOSS

Best Chocolates- XOCOLATE's chocolates... but yeah V's, ALWAYS good.

Best Soda- Cherry Coke. But really- I will drink anything carbonated. And I agree with Britt about the larger straw. LOVE those.

Best Tip - Before you buy anything that is a LARGE purchase or will put you into debt, sleep on it.

Best Burger- You know, I really like McD's cheesburger. But for a BEEFY BIG OL BURGER... I would say ACME Burger.

Best Forgotten Candy- Sixlets. Yep. I wrote "LEAF" when I was little asking them to make them the size of golfballs. They wrote back thanking me for my suggestion with a whole but of free candy coupons.


Brittany said...

Ha ha ha. Love the sixlets story. AND great $$/purchase tip too. I have a new "tips" post on my blog, read it, then post your own! I love hearing other peoples insights on things that I may or may not be familiar with. Also, it sounds like a lot of people love that bare minerals stuff...that good eh?

We'll Call her "Lisa" said...

Any of those mineral powders are super great- but only if you really DO want a flawless look, like no freackles or anything..

CorieAnn Scarbrough said...

Thanks for the list! I am going to go have cherry coke right now. Yeah for coke!

Theresa Rodriguez said...

that was fun! I couldnt agree more with the bare mineral makeup. All i wear if i do wear makeup. Thanks for your baby advice you have such a great way of expressing your thoughts. I always enjoy reading your posts and comments. Youre the best!

Laura Lee said...

sixlets? I remember that story. My favorite forgotten candy has got to be chic-o-sticks. Mmmmm...

Ilene said...

Best forgotten candy... Big League Chew. Loved that bubble gum. Because I grew up in an LDS household I had no idea that it was supposed to imitate tabacco chew or chaw (what is it called?). I just thought it was great to have shredded bubble gum.

I'm a fiji water girl myself. I like Voss but it reminds me of a shampoo bottle and so my mind's perception gets a bit skewed.

We'll Call her "Lisa" said...

I think it's sweet that not only did Ilene spell "tobacco" wrong, but that she called it "Chaw."

Laura Lee said...

i just bought some voss water to see what all the fuss was about. I'm still going to need you to tell me.