Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pretty Things

I've tried my hardest to read up on photography and "learn" new things and "try techniques" but honestly, nothing really works until I pull a camera out and start taking pictures. It's all in what is around you and how you capture it.
This is taken with a digital, but I imagine it would look even better with an SLR.
But it still creates the kind of beauty that it expressed in person. It is incredible how pictures can show some much detail, and provide you with a moment caught in time.
I would still like to try and do some actual studying on the subject of photography, even though I'd rather just continue to learn hands on. But it is hard to find literature that isn't too hard to understand, or too obvious. If anyone has any suggestions, please, share.


Kev N' Kate said...

P.S. I forgot to tell you that I have a Photography book that we can disect if you are interested. I got it for a Photo Class that never happened. It seems like a good one :)

Ilene said...

I know nothing about photography but my pal (and Laura's), Shonda does. She is largely self-taught too and now has a great business. I'm sure she would love sharing info with her if you just ask. Her blog and website are linked from my blog. She also has a bunch of other photographer sites linked from her blog. There is a lot of portraiture but she does do other stuff too.

I aspire to be a great photographer but am too lazy right now. Bravo to you for going out there. It is those Durham genes. Seriously, you guys ooze talent for all things artistic. If I didn't love Laura so much I would be super envious of her. So instead I take a proud parent kind of approach to her creative abilities.