Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Rotten Neighbor

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Though our neighbor problem has been MORE than solved, I found this site and decided it isn't too late to "report" them. There is so much to say really, from the constant stomping, to the running, and the screaming, and the foreign yelling, and the disgusting smells that flow into our apartment, and the LATE NIGHT fights......

I figure that if anyone is planing on moving into the "Triton Heights" community, they ought to know what they are getting into.



laura said...

I think you solved the problem quite well and most effectively.

RC Cola! said...

My neighbors seem quite nice, but as a single virginal bitter Mormon female, I really hate being able to hear them having sex. The husband needs to quit it with the load moans. I mean, my walls are doubly insulated...and yet. Maybe one day if I have any luck, I'll be able to repay them the nightly favor.