Wednesday, October 17, 2007

God Bless Dora

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For some reason..because I don't quite grasp it, Jack has fallen in love with Dora. He gets so excited when it comes on and yells "DOOOOOORRRAAAA" (alot like Boots does, frequently on the show.)

In grocery stores I will all of a sudden hear "DOOORRRAAA" and Jack will have spotted her in some crazy spot like on paper cups or something.. and it happens other places as well.

We have been blessed with Comcast On Demand, and Jack can now watch Dora WHENEVER he wants, even if it is the same episode over and over...

My favorite is the Halloween one, when Boots is a Fire Chicken.


kimberlee shaffer said...

my other name is Dora did you know that? I love you to Jack!

J n' J said...

Come on Vamanos!

Jason said...

Lisa!! It's Catherine...Neibaur..?? Don't know if you would remember!! Just thought I would drop a line! I love your site!! Too funny! And no matter if you have a girl or a boy they all end up with a baby crush on dora.... Swiper no swipey... anyway. If you get a chance come check out the fam on the world wide web-o-blogs at
Looks like all is well!! Keep in touch,


laura said...

I really wish I could come, but it looks like I'm scheduled that night.

I do not like that picture of me. Good one of Kaila though.