Thursday, August 23, 2007

One of the More Random Celebrity Apperances...

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Occassionally I get to have dreams with guest celebrities, like Tom Cruise, or other more attractive stars. However last night I had a dream that I was employed by "Angela", played by Judith Light on Who's the Boss?. The job was phenomenal and the office was really modern (for the 1980's, because that was apparently when this took place in my dream.)I'm stil not quite sure what I did for her, because it certainly wasn't advertising. In fact, I didn't realy focus on that at all. What I DO remember most was the "break room" that had an entire table full of many, many plates of cookies with an abundance of variety. There were ginger snaps, chocolate chip, those snickerdoodly ones, and most importantly, peanut butter cookies- along with a sprea to put on top of them. And I know exactly what it was, it was crunchy peanut butter mixed up with "Mrs. Richardsons" fudge. Which was fudge for ice cream, but right out of the jar, it's thick with the consistancy of peanutbutter. So this spread was intense. And delicious.

I remember thinking I may lose my job because of how many visits I paid to the break room.


laura said...

You have been looking at a lot of Martha Stewart cookie recipes haven't you?

Wow. Angela as a boss. Were you watching that show or something?

ThomCarter said...

Did you have wicked big shoulder pads. If you didn't you might have lost for that too!!!