Wednesday, August 15, 2007


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So I was given a "hall pass" as they say- to go out last night. As all my friends are impossible to make plans with, I went alone. Which is fine, I love alone time.
I saw HAIRSPRAY at the Gateway, and I had low expectations in the first place, but was surpised that even those weren't met. Here are my 10 complaints.

10. The whole point of "Edna" is that the audience KNOWS she is being played by a man. However John Travolta could have used his regular voice and gotten many more laughs, and the fact that his boobs and cankles were so realistic freaked me out a bit.

9. When I saw the broadway production in NY, I don't remember the whole movie being about segregation...

8. It seemed to lack depth- as everything happened to quickly and people were so easily swayed one way or the other.

7. I wanted more Corny. He was a great dancer.

6. Why was Tracy all of a sudden swept into the present times with her flat ironed hair at the end??

5. Amanda Bines wasn't really "white" in that movie. She was toally hispanic. Her tanness blended in with her "Tan" hair.

4. How come the cops didn't take Tracy in after the show. She still did in fact bludgen an officer of the law.

3. There were some dirty jokes in there. Like Corny saying the girls looked like they needed a "stiff one".

2. I wanted more dancing.

1. Queen Latifa is too skinny now to be singing about being a fat chick.

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Saule Cogneur said...

7. After X-men, I thought the guy's career was done for. It looks like his sterile performance was part of the role after all. I thought he was great in Hairspray too.

6. and 3. I agree completely, but I just figured they were in the original play. I am glad to be mistaken.

A while back, I told my sister I didn't like the last half of Rent because all the songs were pointless and the plot/character development became nonexistent. She replied, "It's a musical!! It doesn't need to have a plot or make sense."

I'm too uncultured to know if she was right, but maybe she was on to something.(This is Laura's friend by the way)